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After clicking Join Now, you will be redirected to the meeting.

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Getting started

The first time you join a meeting, you may be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone.
That's all you need to do before you can connect to your meeting.

  1. Enter your Name and Conference ID

    Your Conference ID is located in the Skype for Business Meeting invite:

    Responsive image

  2. If prompted, allow access to your camera and microphone:

    Responsive image

  3. Allow the browser to use your camera and microphone:

    Responsive image

In Call Controls

Icon Action
mic on mic off Mute or Unmute your Microphone
video on video off Start or Stop sending video into the conference
video on Disconnect yourself from the conference
present screen on present screen off Share or Un-Share your screen into the conference
present file on present file off Share or Un-Share images and pdf files into the conference
dialpad Dial pad (not used when in the conference)
volume slider Adjust Volume
control panel open control panel close Show or hide the side panel
change devices Change your camera, microphone or speakers during a call
  1. From the top right of the side panel, select Control control dots
  2. Select Select media devices.
  3. Select the camera, microphone or speakers/headset, and then choose a new one from the list of available options.

Test Call

If you are having issues you can try a test call

Internet Connectivity and Speed?

Before connecting to your meeting, ensure your internet speed is sufficient to perform the required actions.

  • Go to speedtest.net
  • Check if the server connected is to a Sydney server. If not, then click 'Change Server' and select a Sydney server from the list.
  • Responsive image
  • Click theResponsive imageButton

Note: It will take a few seconds for the results to be generated.

  • Once done, you will see your internet download and upload speed and ping value. The recommended ping value should be less than 150ms to use Skype.
  • Responsive image

Now compare your download and upload speed to the below table and decide the actions you can perform.

Call Type Recommended download / upload speed required Minimum download / upload speed required
Video call (Desktop/Laptop) 4 Mbps / 4 Mbps 700 kbps / 700 kbps
Video call (Smartphone/Tablet) 800 kbps / 800 kbps 640 kbps / 640 kbps
Screen sharing (Desktop/Laptop) 3.5 Mbps / 3.5 Mbps 768 kbps / 768 kbps
Screen sharing (Smartphone/Tablet) 1.5 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps 384 kbps / 384 kbps

Contact Us for more info

For any issues or more information, please ring Conferencing Services on 1300 679 727 or email videoconf@health.nsw.gov.au.